Acquisitions and Disposals

Since the establishment of the firm, Buckworths has acted for businesses on both national and international sales. Advice on these transactions involves the analysis, structuring, negotiation and preparation of documents relating to the sale or purchase of the business. Buckworths understands that each deal is unique. The firm works closely with each client to ensure that the client’s goals are met.


Branding & IP

The firm assists clients with protecting their brand and other valuable intellectual property. Buckworths advises on securing and enforcing copyright, design rights and trademark protection. Our team works pro-actively with clients to maintain a register of intellectual property relevant to their business and to actively discourage (and if necessary) prosecute infringement.



Buckworths acts on a range of issues including incorporation of companies, drafting customer contracts and terms and conditions, supplier agreements, risk analysis and reduction and insurance. By understanding our clients’ businesses we are able to offer commercial, practical and accessible advice. Our aim is to ensure that our clients understand our advice and are able to proceed with confidence in growing their business.


Dispute Resolution

We understand that each dispute requires a unique approach and we always look to meet our clients’ needs with the help of our excellent litigation team. There are a number of different ways to resolve conflicts, including through negotiation and litigation. Where litigation is unavoidable, we work with our clients to ensure that their case is argued in the clearest most robust manner. We strive to ensure that disputes are resolved as quickly as possible, causing the least disruption to our client’s business and on a cost effective basis.


Employee Incentivisation

As well as advising on employment matters, we are experts at structuring reverse vesting and option schemes for employees, contractors and advisors. We understand the complex tax implications of share incentivisation and the importance of creating a scheme that properly incentivises stakeholders to perform to the best of their ability and stay with the business for the long term.


Whether you are a franchisor looking to rapidly expand and develop your network, or if you are thinking about franchising your existing business, or if you are a prospective franchisee looking to operate a franchise that allows you to use a reputable brand’s intellectual property/know-how; carries lower risk; and comes with a better return, we can help you. We offer services that include, franchise agreement drafting and reviews, as well as franchise resales and exits.



A key part of our business involves advising on the fundraising process for our clients. We are experts at negotiating investment rounds for our clients and ensuring that the commercial terms give the company flexibility to develop their business unfettered. Our team is one of the best in advising on the tax relief schemes used by investors when investing in startups and early stage businesses.


Shareholder Relations

We advise on a range of shareholder matters including negotiating founder and shareholder agreements, putting in place vesting arrangements and resolving shareholder disputes.


Tax and Compliance

We are market leaders at structuring and advising on SEIS and EIS and have an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing regime governing these schemes. These schemes are driving the UK startup finance market and are vital for any early stage business looking to raise funds. Securing and maintaining compliance is crucial and our team have the expertise to ensure continued qualification.


Compliance with GDPR is an ongoing process. Once a business has become compliant, it must continue to monitor, adapt and update its processes to demonstrate that it has remained compliant. Buckworths provides services to bring a business to a state of compliance and then to assist it with maintaining compliance thereafter.



We advise on all aspects of commercial leases including negotiating the terms of leases, handling all consents and planning issues relating to fit out works and assisting with securing premises (alcohol) licenses. We also assist our clients with related matters including handling disputes with the planning authority, landlords and other related matters.