A Day in The Life of an Office Administrator

May, 2022

Being the office administrator at Buckworths comes with a handful of responsibilities and you develop a whole new range of useful skillset.

I wake up earlier than usual to allow myself enough time to eat and travel to work.

08:30Time to leave – I jump on the overground to Liverpool Street.

09:20After a 10 minute walk from the station, I arrive in the office. I get in just in time to make myself a coffee

09:30I like to start my day by sorting through my emails and organising any company ingoing post.

10:00: I can see a few meeting requests from clients to our Managing Partner, Michael, so I go through his diary and make sure to book those in without any crossovers.

12:00: I finish drafting an Engagement Letter from a new client who recently instructed us and send it over.

12:15: In the meantime, the telephone rings and I answer it politely and am attentive to the enquiry. Being able to multitask and work efficiently is a great transferable skill I have learned to master on the job.

13:00: Lunch time: I love cooking so I bring my special home-made lasagne. 

14:00Back to work: I make sure the meeting room looks smart and presentable as there is an important meeting at 15:00.

15:00The client comes in, and I am sure to greet them with a smile and make them a coffee.

16:00Once I have completed any urgent admin tasks for the day, I start going through company invoices to make sure everything is in order.

17:00: I get an email from one of our clients regarding EMI schemes. I update the team member working on the matter immediately. As a small team, we are very responsive and supportive of each other regardless of our legal backgrounds or experiences.

17:30I ask the team to send me their to-do list.

18:00With the day’s work done, I head to the gym for a quick HIIT class.

19:45Home…I am home cooking and preparing my next meal for tomorrow with a nice film on in the background


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