What number of shares do/will the Founders hold on completion of the investment round?

    What number of shares do/will any other shareholders (other than the new investors) hold on completion of the investment round?

    If you wish to have an option pool, how many shares will it relate to?

    What is the valuation (called pre-money) at which the investors will invest?

    How much will investors in aggregate invest?


    As a founder, you would want to keep your option pool as small as possible in order to maximise the effective valuation of your company, while also retaining the ability to grant options as and when needed. You can always decide to increase your option pool in the future, preferable at each investment round.

    The following tool will help you calculate your cap table and the impact of increasing the size of your option pool.

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    [calculator c12 Precision:2 "your-message-1 + your-message-2 + your-message-3"]
    [calculator d8 Precision:2 "your-message-1 / (your-message-1 + your-message-2)"]
    [calculator d9 Precision:2 "your-message-2 / (your-message-1 + your-message-2)"]
    [calculator d12 Precision:2 "(d8 + d9) * 100"]
    [calculator e8 Precision:2 "your-message-1 / c12"]
    [calculator e9 Precision:2 "your-message-2 / c12"]
    [calculator e10 Precision:2 "your-message-3 / c12"]
    [calculator e12 Precision:2 "(e8 + e9 + e10) * 100"]
    [calculator c24 Precision:2 "your-message-4 / (your-message-1 + your-message-2 + your-message-3)"]
    [calculator c25 Precision:2 "your-message-5 / c24"]
    [calculator f12 Precision:2 "your-message-1 + your-message-2 + your-message-3 + c25"]
    [calculator g8 Precision:2 "your-message-1 / (your-message-1 + your-message-2 + c25)"]
    [calculator g9 Precision:2 "your-message-2 / (your-message-1 + your-message-2 + c25)"]
    [calculator g11 Precision:2 "c25 / (your-message-1 + your-message-2 + c25)"]
    [calculator g12 Precision:2 "(g8 + g9 + g11) * 100"]
    [calculator h8 Precision:2 "your-message-1 / f12"]
    [calculator h9 Precision:2 "your-message-2 / f12"]
    [calculator h10 Precision:2 "your-message-3 / f12"]
    [calculator h11 Precision:2 "c25 / f12"]
    [calculator h12 Precision:2 "(h8 + h9 + h10 + h11)* 100"]


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