A Day in The Life of a Buckworths Lawyer

Life as a lawyer at Buckworths is unlike at any other firm. Our legal team are brilliant bouncy Buckworths bunnies. This is a typical day:

08:00: The sound of my alarm going off, a sound which I used to dread, but I no longer fear. Why? Because I am a Buckworths solicitor and I know today’s work will involve dealing with exciting start up related work.

08:10: I hop in the shower.

08:20: I quickly get dressed – I’ve got a client meeting today and need to look presentable. This is one of the reasons I love my job, because none of my friends at other city firms would ever get such fantastic client exposure so early on in their careers.

08:30: I have breakfast and catch up on the day’s headlines. Donald Trump has been tweeting again!

08:50: Time to leave – I jump on the tube.

09:15: I arrive at Liverpool Street Station, I still haven’t had my morning coffee. There are plenty of quirky coffee shops in the local area so I am spoilt for choice.

09:20: I arrive in the office. I like arriving early as it gives me a chance to jot down my daily tasks. Ivan, our COO is always there to greet me with a smile.

09:30: We officially start work at 09:30 which is half an hour later than most London businesses, but this is great as it allows us to miss the rush hour and get an extra half hour’s sleep.

11:00: I finished my morning’s work drafting subscription agreements faster than I anticipated so I go to Michael, the Managing partner, and ask for some more work. I am going to be drafting some terms of business for one of our technology clients. This is one of the perks of having an open plan office.

13:30: Lunch time: with Spitalfields and Shoreditch High Street right on our door step, I am spoilt for choice. Gunpowder – one of our clients – is today’s choice.

14:30: Back to work, I prepare for a client meeting this afternoon.

15:00: I welcome the client and lead them to our fantastic meeting room which has views of Principal Tower- a Shoreditch Landmark. The client wants to incentivise his staff to stay with the business to exit and so is granting his employees tax efficient share options. My ears prick up as I love structuring option schemes.

16:00: The meeting has ended so I carry on with the day’s work. This client processes a lot of personal data and so I am going to have to discuss their GDPR compliance with Mike.

18:30: With the day’s work done, a colleague and I go for a quick drink after work.

19:45: Home… this bunny is planning to burrow into her duvet and watch a Netflix series.

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